Bank of America App Redesign

An Efficient & Customized Banking Experience for Young Generation

01. Overview

As a long-term Bank of America app user, I enjoy its useful features that allow me to manage my money easily on my phone instead of going to the bank all the time. In the meantime, I encountered lots of problems and confusion while using the product. As a designer, this triggered me to think about how we can redesign the product to improve its usability.

My Contribution

Product Design
UX Researcher
UX Testing


Product Manager
Product Designers (Me!)
Engineer Team





Problem Statement

BOA users struggle with navigating efficiently, confidently to complete financial tasks, and track financial activities promptly.

Design Goal


Increase customer satisfaction rate (CSAT) with efficient experience


Increase business opportunities with new features and interface


BOA Users' Digital Banking Usage

Based on Bank of America's Digital trends fact sheet in Q4 2023, we discover that more and more users are using digital platforms to manage their finance, especially on money transitions.

57 Million

verified BOA digital users

37.9 Million

active mobile users

21.5 Million

clients now use Zelle®

2 : 1

Zelle vs checks in 4Q 2023

User Insights

Pain Points #1: Hard to use Bill Pay

Based on users' comments in Google Play and Apple store, we discovered that users find the current bill pay function hard to use. They are unable to set up automatic and recurring payment, make it challenging to pay bills efficiently and cause financial lost (eg. late fee, overpay).

Pain Points #2: Poor Navigation and IA

Users find the current app's user flow and information architecture confusing. Lots of information and features are unaccessible or hard to find, make it challenging to perform tasks or find info.

Pain Points #3: Smart Assistant & Personalization

Users find the AI assistant Erica unhelpful and annoying. The financial insights Erica provides is not useful and it cannot complete tasks users wish it to do. Certain users are also asking for customizable experience.

Digital Banking Trend Review

Fintech vs Traditional Bank

In the first half of 2023, Fintech companies accounted for 47% of new accounts opened.

New Service Approaches

Fintech companies highly prioritize user experience, implementing accessibility, personalization, and functionality through technology.

Digital Support

Banks with a chatbot averaged more than 4,000 monthly sessions in both 2022 and 2023.

Competitor Analysis

Chase Mobile® app offers financial services such as send and receive money with Zelle®, deposit checks, monitor credit score, investing, budget and track income & spend.

Venmo is an online payment service primarily used as a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform but has start to offer payment processing capacity for business owners as well.

As a budgeting apps, Mint allows users to manage all their financial accounts in one place with features like bill alerts, custom budgets and set specific savings goals.


Building an efficient, personalized, and automated mobile banking experience to support consumers’ changing needs and expectations.

Inspiration Research

Inspiration 1: Chase

Quick action buttons on the homepage for frequently used actions such as pay card.

Users can set automatic payment for their credit cards and get remainders before automatic payment is made.

Inspiration 2: Venmo

Be able to set up convenient and instant money transfer between friends and businesses in a few clicks.

Keeps track of payments and recipients through organized contact list and user groups.

A social media-like user experience to attract younger generations and drives user engagement.

Inspiration 3: Mint

Easy to set up budgeting and tracking tools to help users monitor their financial activity.

Flexible and customizable goal setting feature that allow for different scenarios.

Subscription management feature that highlights recurring charges and reports if certain subscriptions increase in price.

User Research

BOA User Demographic

Target User Persona

The new design will mainly appeal to the younger users groups, as the Millennials (1981 to 1996) and Generation Z (1997 and beyond).


HMW make BOA app an efficient and personalized finance management platform for the younger generation?

Design Concept


Enhance operation efficiency to reduce time & costs.

• Easy operated features

• Instant, real-time services

• Straightforward navigation & user flow

• AI assistant: chat & voice


Provide contextually relevant experiences with user data.

• Personalized financial tools

• AI-enabled personalization

• Interface customization


Building connection and more engaging experience.

• Branding

• Social elements

• Rewards & Cashback

• Financial literacy & support

Information Architecture

User Flow

Current Bill Pay Flow

Redesigned Bill Pay Flow

The new design added more short cuts and quick action buttons so users can setup their payment more efficiently.


Low-Fi Prototype

Hi-Fi Prototype

Final Design



Pay & Transfer


Collect cash backs through credit card purchases and special deals with businesses.


Design System